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  • the area in front of a fireplace.​

  • used as a symbol of one's home.



  • a small or simply constructed dwelling.​​

  • (historical) a conical building enclosing a kiln.



    Freshly transplanted from San Francisco, husband-and-wife team Chaz Anderson and Mia Pettyjohn moved to Dallas to be closer to her sister. Together, they have assembled a whimsical collection of home goods that will add warmth and comfort to any home, no matter how humble. That notion inspired the name Hearth and Hovel.


    Everything has been hand-crafted with love by Mia, Chaz, their closest friends, and talented artisans who are spread out all over the globe: from watercolor prints from an artist in San Jose, California to hand-drawn silk-screened pillows from the Philippines.



Meet The Team

Mia Pettyjohn

Creative Director, Head Designer

The daughter of two artists, Mia grew up in the Philippines in a house in a rainforest on the foot of a dormant volcano where she first developed her love of plants and flowers. She moved to San Francisco, CA to attend the award-winning Floral Design program at City College of San Francisco. 

She now works as a freelance floral designer for various Dallas-based floral studios. In her spare time, she likes to cook, play video games, and watch BBC period dramas with her three cats in their plant-filled apartment.

Chaz Anderson

Master Craftsman, Head of Production

Chaz grew up in a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California. He learned his love of carpentry, general tinkering, and the love of the outdoors from his father and grandfather. He majored in Illustration at the Academy of Art San Francisco and then English at  City College of San Francisco.

In his spare time, Chaz loves to read and write science fiction, play video games, and make music on his iPad.



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Director of Food and Naps



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